Robot Programming Camp Junior High Course
in Robot Factory, Fukui Univ.


On 7 December, scientists came and saw RPC.
They are famous, so students felt a little bit nervous.
  The right corner is the Prof. Murase. 
  Profeesor Murase(Fukui Univ., Japan)
They are watching and talking about
Takumi's program.
Right:Associate Professor Prahlad Vadakkepat 
       (National Univ. Singapore)
Center:Associate Professor Nachol Chaiyaratana
      (King Mongkut's Inst. of Tech., Thailand)
Left:Sung-Bae Cho
      (Yonsei Univ., South Korea)

  Dr. Di Paolo watched Takuro.

  Eqequiel A. Di Paolo
  (Sussex Univ., England)
      Were they talking about RPC?

  -- The man wearing a red shirts --
  Stefano Nolfi (ISTC, CNR, Italy)

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